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2014 Spring Schedule

Natural Health and Wellness
Consultant Online Training
Weekend Classes
Starts April 12th
Herbology Correspondence
Session 1
March 29th
Holistic Health Beauty Care
April 5th
Meditation Therapy Training
May 31st
​Free Wellness Webinars
March 5
Birthing Options
April 9
Healing Domestic Violence
May 9
Motherhood: Eliminating the
Abortion Factor
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Annual Wellness
Whole Body
Wellness Products
Study Naturopathy in Ghana
Volunteer in Ghana
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Online Wellness Services
Free Wellness Training
Relationship Counseling
Life Balancing Readings
Distance Healing
Family Wellness Program

Dr. Akua: Pregnancy Health on The Breakfast Show GTV Ghana
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Natural Health and Wellness
Consultant Certification
w/ Dr. Akua Gray
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